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JavaScript and TypeScript Developer | Content Creator | 10K+ reads on hashnode. I'm on a personal mission to provide high quality content on building web apps from code to production through blogging and video content on my hashnode blog and my YouTube channel.

My background in philosophy, being a war survior, awarded public speaker and ex-physical trainer instilled in me a high level of resilience and mental and physical toughness that turned me into a highly energetic critical thinker and excellent communicator with a unique perspective when approaching problems. I can analyze complex issues, identify underlying patterns, and evaluate different perspectives objectively, which are valuable assets in decision making, conflict resolution and finding innovative solutions to challenges. My strong work ethics enable me to maintain focus, meet deadlines and deliver high quality work consistency. If you have high standard work ethics we will go far together.

Aside from coding, I am a pro Calisthenics athelete with a solid knowledge in philosophy and Jungian psychology. I love exploring my limits in all life's endeavors.

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Kanban Task Management Dashboard


  • 100% fully responsive app. Looks and functions on small, medium and large devices.
  • 100% pixel-perfect built from Figma design.
  • 100% custom CSS, no libraries used
  • Receive form validations when trying to create/edit boards and tasks
  • Mark subtasks as complete and track complete and incomplete tasks
  • Create, read, update, and delete boards and tasks
  • Toggle the theme between light/dark modes
  • App data state is preserved on refreshing
  • Hide/show the board sidebar.

Technologies used
  • Next.js v14 App Router
  • Server Actions (Node.js)
  • Redux
  • SCSS
  • MongoDB
  • ESLint
  • Prisma as ORM
See Live Source Code

MUSICA (Spotify Clone)

Full-fledged Vue.js web app that allows users to sign up/login using Pinia, Firebase & Firestore, see the list of all songs available and listen to them, upload music and edit them, add comments to a specific song and see comments from other users. The app supports internationalization i18n and supports translations for two languages (EN | NL).

• Front-End: Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, Vue Router, VeeValidate, i18n
• Back-End: Firebase, Vercel

See Live Source Code


Full stack Next.js app to browse movies trailers from the YouTube API with the ability to add favourite videos to watch them again later. User authentication using JWT and passwordless login using Magic. Hasura was used to implement a PostgreSQL Database and GraphQL to query the database. Different rendering methods were used: Server-Side Rendering, Static Site Generation and Incremental Static Regeneration for the best performance and SEO.

See Live Source Code


Pharmaceutical companies in my homeland, Syria, pay huge amounts of salaries for sales representatives in order to physically collect data from pharmacies to know what drugs these pharmacies need. PHARMASTORE is a an online software solution that will sit on each pharmacy's computer to order drugs from the store directly without the need of any sales representative. This MERN stack app uses the power of React, Redux, Redux Thunk, MongoDB database, Node.js and Express.js to solve a real-life problem.

See Live Source Code

NASA Mission Control Dashboard

This is a full stack MERN project to schedule launches to real habitable exoplanets explored by NASA. Users can schedule new launches, view and abort previous launches.

• Front-End: React.js
• Back-End: Express.js, TypeScript, MongoDB, SpaceX API, Docker, AWS

See Live Source Code

Crwn Shop

This React app uses Firebase to authenticate users and Firestore to store and populate shop data. You can sign up/sign in to the app, add items to the cart go to the checkout page where you can add and remove items from the cart and finally pay through Stripe. State management is handled by Redux and Redux Thunk. Please note that you might need VPN in order for Firebase and Firestore to work.

See Live Source Code

Multiplayer Pong Game

This Multiplayer Pong Game allows each two users to play together in a single room. The front-end is made ready by a public community and I implemented the backend server to make it a multiplayer game with rooms and a single namespace using the power of Socket.io and Express.js.

See Live Source Code


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